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Kenji May 16
Too much synchronicity...
I feel you.
Your touch, your taste, your kiss, your skin.
Knocking me is the way to go, just put our lips together, and blow.
Baby, just breathe on me.
Blow on my soft flesh and kiss.
Lubriciously, lusciously, lustfully.
Breathe on my taste, my touch, my sin.
We don't even need to be physical, tonight, my senses don't make sense at all.
Our imaginations...
Take it in, let it out...
Baby, just breath on me.
Seductively, sensually, sexually.
We don't even need to touch, just breathe.
Baby.... **** yeah.
Feel my sin as it's desire that I unleash.
Magnitude, corresponding with your aching thought of impure lustful intention.
Intention, feel me grasp onto your every nerve with my non-physical touch.
Caress me, hold me, baby, don't even **** me, just breathe onto my neck, my shoulder, my breast, my stomach, my *****, my thigh, my legs, my ***.
Can you feel it?
As I mind *******, it's that tingling sensation I release.
Aaaaaaah, baby, stop, and just breathe.
Britney Spears _ Breathe on me (Inspiration)
Sad Boy Jul 2018
My loneliness is killing me
And like Britney sang; I still believe
But I lose my mind when I’m with you
And think clearly without you
But I’m not waiting for a sign
Because I still have bruises from when you hit me... baby one more time
... Baby One More Time (1998) by Britney Spears
mikumiku Mar 2018
I’m feeling old, I’m feeling sick and tired
I hate these people and I hate this town
My car has broken down yet newly tyred
I think I’m gonna burn this mother down
I’m gonna dress up and dry all bars out
I’m gonna win the Tori Spelling Bee
I’ll be like “Britney *****”, I’m in Blackout
I’m gonna open my heart with a key
I’m gonna share my love and share my body
You ain’t no ******* ‘till someone paid you
I’ll be the Mary, Jesus, I embody
I am the Burning Paris: *****, I made you
I am not shady, I am simply fierce
Tonight I’m hungry, hairy, hot, and *****
Tonight I’m gonna drink blood, sweat, and tears
For all the ***** and **** with their crowns thorny
Balkus Aug 2016
Welcome to karaoke battle,
the battle of the year.
Britney Spears
versus Jennifer Lopez.
It's not about who win,
it's about who will lose first.

— The End —