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K Balachandran Apr 2016
Your windswept wild red hair, *Tantric fractal,
spreads forest fire in my thoughts,to the far end,
how far can I  go on keeping this endless raging,
a dangerous arsonist in my mind's chamber?
Unchecked, unbridled, not quenched,
shimmering fire with a thousand ember eyes,
come burn my ardor with the essence of red.
my red riding hood, on this Tantric bed spread.

Your passion, unleashed as unkempt wind swept
red cloud  of hair,assumes the forms of our love
now a cascade of water from mountain, after new rain,
splashes all over my mind's fecund landscape,
day and night imbibing the effect of your red wine
anointing  cool, love balm, I get inebriated.

Your red, fluffy,earthy textured, magic coiffure,
becomes  a sea of infinite calm,in my stormy nights.
I whisper to air"I want to taste the salt of her earth,
I want to swim in the confluence, her red flow commences,
If I'd  be buried within the red earth of her dense hair,
I'll be resurrected, re imagined by her as her immortal lover"
Tantra-ancient Indian esoteric practice,seeking to channel the divine male/female energy to attain' siddhis'(supernatural attainments) and "moksha" (liberation of soul)
Fractal-It's the geometry of deterministic chaos,also describe the geometry of mountains, clouds, galaxies etc...
It's the first time I feel my heart is whole, unbroken and full

I am proud that I pushed myself for so long, and finally exceeded this glass ceiling that I unconsciously created.

I reached a place of self actualization

A place I thought was made up for traumatized people to aspire to.

I feel that for once my heart is actually mine.

That my heart is home

Home for me not the people that abandoned me.

What a feeling.

I learned my worth

And I feel free

*Thank you.

— The End —