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certifiednutcase Dec 2018
This is the first
Ordinary good
Thing that has
Please, don’t
Attribute it to fate but
The moment before
Everything fades.
Tloml made me buy toothpaste for him so i wrote this cringe-y poem
Just Jess Aug 2017
To the beat of a piano he stole
her heart.
In the same melody
and measure, he broke and left
it crumpled - crushed - crescendo.
Nothing but brittle - bruised - broken.
Out of tune.
Missing keys.

Mixing tears with toothpaste
and listening to a heartrending piano play.
Salt and ivory.
Colgate and ebony.
Repeat. With
Rhythm. There are
no words to this song.
Say something.
Silence - fortissimo.

Toothpaste and tears
trickle down the drain.
At the conductor's swift notion -
she remembers herself with love -
Adagio -
Then steps off her tear-stained
stage of a soapbox.
Al niente.
Mandy Honig May 2017
I threw out my retainer
No need for the container
In the morning i wake up
Fill the rinsing cup
My teeth inch out their chests
Then I bristle the stains with crests
Subtle spearmint tasting spit
Why did i write this sh*t
I was told to write 14-17 poems for my creative writing class. This is one of them. Who said they all had to be taken seriously?
toomanywords38 Jul 2015
Let's celebrate indecision!
The weighing of pros and cons
The doubts and what ifs.
Rejoice in the feeling of uncertainty
When all the options seem equally weighted.
When doing what you please doesn't seem pleasing at all.
Suppose there was only one choice,
Now add five more.
Conjure up that feeling of confusion
Cherish that back and forth
Like tossing and turning at night
The uneasiness with which you approach
A fork in the road, which
Sounds more like a headache.
The longer you teeter the more you totter
Until at last! The decision seems made
...Or does it?

If only they made one brand of toothpaste.

— The End —