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Steff Apr 2018
It doesn't matter how many times
I manage to break or fall apart
With the pieces of me that shatter on the ground,
Put back together and repaired with gold
This lovely mess that makes up me
Is the only me I'll ever want to be.
Steff Apr 2018
Already weak and vulnerable,
       A poison in my mind,
   You took advantage
You claimed I was strong,
But the unkindness of you,
Made me see the
     Goodness in me,
And I
Steff Apr 2018
I was torn between
Living the life that I was used to,
Hiding behind my hair,
Being happy to go unnoticed,

And changing my life
And living to my fullest
Without a care
Of who is watching.
Steff Apr 2018
Maybe the spring will offer a chance
For me to re-root and grow again
Maybe I can take this season of rebirth
And take the pain,
Turn it around into good energy.
And let my heart bloom.
Steff Apr 2018
Memories of my past
Wait to be washed away
Like the dirt that hides
Underneath my fingernails
Steff Apr 2018
We see it on the weekly news
Another bomb, more people shot
We see it and we carry on
A moment of shock and then it's forgot

How many more people will die
Before we wake up and feel the rage
That will fuel the fire
That will make the change?
Steff Apr 2018
A year ago
I was an empty shell
Of the girl I used to be
Floating through life
With no ambitions
No hopes, no dreams.
Always looking down
Instead of at the world.
I was a wreck
With a messy heart
That couldn't be at ease.
Before I knew you,
I wasn't the happy
Bright person I am now
But you came into my life
Found me in the dark
As I was trying to climb
Out of the pit
That I had spiralled into
We slowly progressed
And I began to see the stars,
See the light in the dark again.
I made it a mission
To climb out of that pit
To feel the light - your warmth-
On my skin
Before I knew you,
I didn't know my worth
But now, I'm beginning to
Steff Apr 2018
There's nothing that I can do
To take back the hurt that I've caused
But I do hope that
The binds that tie us
Are strong enough
To weather all of my *******,
Even when I can't be the person
That you need me to be.
One day, the light will
Overpower my dark.
Decided to participate in NaPoWriMo. I will be using daily prompts from J.R. Rogue and Kat Savage :)
Really unsure if I'm wanting to post them on Instagram though as I rarely share with people I know.

— The End —