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Morpheus sets the world to slumber
And steps lightly between dreams
With twine of gold and heavy thunder
He weaves his sleeping schemes
Unmaker! Unmaker!
He takes the nightmare
And spins his tangled web
A heavy cloud is seeping despair
Turning sweetdream into lead
Liar! Liar!
The sleep rebelling
Shaking cobwebs from the mind
Rising slow with dream dispelling
And Morpheus is blind
Iris! Iris!
The rainbow beckons
Against languid drooping head
Sunlight is the fiercest weapon
From slow Morpheus’ dread
Somnus! Somnus!
To bring the father
Leash your changeling son
He obliged, or would’ve, rather
The twisted web had come undone
Coward! Coward!
Does Morpheus hide
In shadows grey and black
Cursed again to now reside
In the tiny twilight crack

— The End —