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Diya Mar 16
I've been a renegade
Annihilating the  soul
That gives me life!
I'm just doing bad to myself
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Dreams do not sometimes come to help you recover.
So it is your health and wealth that sometimes suffer.
Anything I could do to help.
If I see a girl for who she is my heart will melt.

See what they do is bring the cute.
Turning their backs on you they hide in the same suit.
Then the pretty come when you are gone.
Anything to make an appeal for what I have to succumb.

What is new?
What is unique?
I am under people’s review.
Just as the girating elliptical orbiting oblique.

I am the one who suffers.
As the rain pours down in buckets.
This is just the another of life’s tragedies.
But, I am not vain personally.

This is a day to day grind.
In this, I want my eyes in your soul I find.
Pour more salt in my wounds to help beautiful and unkind.
This is why mankind suffers if you are the one I reach and find.
Äŧül Aug 2017
Pal, you are from Mumbai,
Of course that's not false,
On the way back take care,
Just stay safe my darling,
Again it reminded of 2005.

Seeing you healthy is divine,
Take your health to the next level,
Aim 100% health today along me,
You're better if you are healthy.

Some desires for life remain,
A** desire is my parents' health,
Final desire is your wellness,
Effect it will have on our kid's health.

And my emotional strength too,
Note my dear request to you,
Divine is this feeling of love.

Sifts through my mind's crevices,
Only your safety day and night,
Until we see our grandchild,
Not just its birth but even its life,
Dear, you gotta stay healthy for it.
My best friend Pooja Shah is from Mumbai which is a city always at one peril or the another.

I want to wish safety for Pooja Shah and all the other Mumbaikars.

My HP Poem #1656
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —