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i stumbled with grace,
i stumbled with desire,
i stumbled with pride,
i stumbled with fervour.

for love,
for hatred.

happened it all,
happened it then,
when all the love for you
was seeming unreal.
Sofia Dec 2019
It was like you thought
I wanted to be lifted up

So, even though you knew you couldn't,
you picked me up

We walked together for a while
and it was nicer than I'd thought

But you stumbled
and we fell

It was very sad
for I never expected you to lift me

I just wanted to be together,
on ground or in the sky

It really didn't matter
Rockie Jul 2015
I danced for the eyes of others
And joked that they couldn't do as good

I danced so I could prove them wrong
And laughed when they stumbled like the jerks they were

I danced to grab your attention
And noted that someone else's dance seemed far more important.

— The End —