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You caught my hand in yours
a few stars in the sky
smiled down on us
and the misty gauzy moon
cast a veil over our heads
with a silent kiss
A flower fell from my lips
full petals like a
flying red lantern
all lit up with
golden kisses
from the sun
In quiet spaces when talk has ceased,
lips are still
and eyes are turned inward
waves crashing against the
shores of the mind
In quiet spaces the world disappears
tiny little kisses fall from heaven
I stick my arm outside
the black and pink floral umbrella
tiny little raindrop kisses
drizzle sweetly
Holding the umbrella aside
I let tiny little raindrop kisses
nuzzle my face
Love from above starts to pour
Trillions of little kisses blanket
every blade of grass,
neighborhood cars, roads,
and the rich black earth
My heart a lotus flower
sings and dances
cups running over
For at least 6 years
David and I toiled over
the illustrious, majestic
"Bird of Paradise"
Fertilizing, nurturing, nursing
yet despite all this
we only saw dark green plumes
fronds fanning out
like a proud peacock
Then early this morning
at sunrise I heard David exclaim,
"Hurry bring the camera!"
there in all its exquisite glory
its wings in full sunrise explosions
of orange gold and purple

was our own very first "Bird of Paradise"
I feel your spacious embrace
twinkling arms scoop me up
stars glow in our breath
from the deepest love
new worlds are born
A Living Shoreline!
red violet trumpet blossoms
and spiraling vines curl happily
alone the craggy, rocky banks of the Indian River
oyster reefs, black and white mangroves,
truly a wonderful coastal restoration effort
at Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Riverside Park

A little piece of paradise
with a spectacular view of Melbourne skyline
fills us with smiles, oohs and ahhs

David and I hold hands while ambling
out on the long wooden fisherman wharf
jutting out into the Indian River
A few folk at the end of the pier
dangle their baits into
indigo ribbon waves

Perfect day with a lithe breeze,
umbrella clouds, and damask silk blue heavens

A youthful couple in a green and gray hammock
sway playfully to the not too loud rap music

This gorgeous day ends too soon
we pack up our picnic baskets
saunter towards our car
two regal pelicans gracefully bid us adieu
We walk East towards the ocean
Abalone pearls spill from the heavens
Krishna's conch can be heard
welcoming the new day
Golden Lakshmi lashes flutter open
And the sky erupts into dazzling smiles
Frogs croak in concert
deep guttural base drones
punctuate the morning silence
there's no one on the street
except a lone biker
pedaling towards me
we smile exchanging
a bit of radiance

with each healing breath
I remind myself
to count my blessings

Swami holds my hand
gently reassuring me
His hair ripples in
the tropical breeze
and the hem of His
paradise orange robes
rustle softly

"Sai Ram," I whisper, "I love you."

Road to infinity
opens up before us
the sweet trill of a cat bird
garlands the eternal moment.
Sai Ram
I lean on the strength
of Your name
1000 times
a million times
Swami grant me
Your golden hued darshan
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