There is a peculiar lightness
I have observed that appears
to increase with age

On the anniversary eve of my
70th natal year
I glance towards the
Western horizon
stars all lit
stellar candles beckon

My breath, Pneuma
with gilded wings and
golden vessel
longs to explore the
vaster regions of self

Constellations dangle
Happy Birthday across
the Bright Unknown

I wait......

A vacant silk sari
fluttering, flickering,
in the fiery sunset dusk

Cup your azure hands
blow the little spark
embers of You
into full Awareness

Radiant Self
illumine the
very tears, kisses, smiles
that drop like suns
from my eyes

kneeling at the altar of my
heart You have lit
an eternal flame that cannot be

save me blessed One from
the cold black ashes
dungeon darkness
of another life
another womb
I pray…..


My lips linger enrapt
near Your ambrosial feet

Bitter tears silken into
nectar streams

Lotus petals blossom
between the rocks and pebbles
of my heart

You clasp white wings of my soul
to Your flushed bosom

And my trembling breath melts
with the stars, suns, galaxies
spinning madly, wildly, endlessly
inside Your luminescent Gaze

Rama's golden arrow
scorches the skies golden
and a song finds its way to
my heart
Krishna's azure blue lips caress
the celestial conch
and a kiss finds its way
to my heart
somewhere over the
doomed horizon
Eternal Life pierces
the terminal darkness
and Bliss finds its way
to my heart.......

Oh God Please

help us
no more war!
stave the 
gushing blood of our wounds

bile, hatred, fear, greed, revenge

Swords drawn, guns cocked

We line up on the side of 
Light or Darkness

Beloved, how can I ask for the end of war
when there is a dark battle raging in my own heart?

The Bhagavad Gita says the real war is within

seething in our hearts and minds
We must first slay the enemies inside ourselves

Yes! This abysmal war has gone on long enough

we've wrestled with countless angels and demons
over the course of many lives, many battlefields

Every pink and golden glorious sunrise
Mercy dawns
a chance to embrace the moment
with all our heart and soul

We breathe in
a new day
fresh beginning

I am so anguished and ashamed

I have yet to surrender my
trousseau of sense enjoyments,
possessions and attachments

Vasanas, earthly passions
run deep like serpents
beneath my skin
blue green veins of pride,
anger, lust, fear
feed and nourish them

Blissful, chaste companion
when I gaze into pure, limpid
pools of your eyes and
drop my heart into those
starlit wishing wells

108 times

Only one prayer
remains on my bucket list

I think we are afraid of the vastness
we fear the vastness
the wild untamed beauty of our true nature

The other day at twilight,
I was traveling with my niece, Carina
down St. John's Heritage Highway
the view was absolutely breathtaking
no houses, no development, no people
just vast stretches of old Florida

As we paused to look at the primeval vista
my niece said she found it unnerving - the vastness

I told her I loved it because it reminded me of meditation
losing awareness of our limited, ordinary self
we enter an inexplicable vastness, primordial void
people-less, formless, infinite

We feel eternal truth rushing through our veins
We are part of a larger picture
greater than anything we can imagine

In the starry arms of the blossoming Universe
we rest safe, secure and loved forever

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