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When I fall into your arms
at last,
when I merge with You
at last,
when the beginning of me,
and the end of You
are infinite,
at last,
I will know
who I am
Behind my cherry blossom parasol
I wait for you

a sunstar shimmering
across the Red bridge to Heaven

the wind sighs pitifully
and purple wisteria weeps

My elusive enigmatic love
Summer turns to Autumn golds
and still my spirit pines

a sunstar shimmering
across the Red bridge to heaven
We watch the blossoms
cascade over a high cliff
like sweet snowfall
a whirlwind of
cherry pink kisses
enamors crystal blue
A lover in the sanguine mist
offers his heart
without hesitation
together we cross the
Red bridge to Heaven
I lit a candle for  Diwali
everywhere there are fireworks
and the name of Ram resounds
through the Heavens
O Slayer of demons
the night is dark and obscure
only Your Name
Your Presence can save us
I have given up the dark poison
of sensuous passion
that grips the enjoyer
like a ravenous
boa constrictor

Free from the serpent's kiss
and the rattle of desire
I prostrate at your holy feet
Divine One  
in clean white linen
We made innocent Love
in The deep forest glades
the peacock plumed Lord
embroidered my lips with His smile
and pierced the darkness
with a thousand suns
I am a shining shadow
a sparkling echo
reflecting, following His every move
An arrow of flowers
has entered my heart
I sip the heady maroon wine
of His love
and dance through the streets
chanting His glorious name
O Beloved
I am drunk on the beauty of
Your Presence
catch me as
I swoon into Your
Eternal Embrace
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