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A quagmire
that Cohen
was an
exempt constitution
and amend
law where
string excess
and total
chaos like
her love
town she
inhibit them
in harm
that enforce
statute when
wax moon
bare ******
a superlative law in just time
Maria Etre Aug 2017
I had a seance
with the night sky
the other day
and I felt my
soul exorcised
by the muses
as they quenched
my thirst
with sweet sinful
nocturnal juices
that diluted
my inhibitions
SassyJ Jul 2016
Rain drop showers
in a westward drought
the thought of gloom
a drift in an oceanic twist

By the gulf of Mexico
that warmth of the breeze
inside the Caribbean seas
where the words scoop

The emotive storms sewn
in a triangular Bermuda
where demons seek
and the ghosts speaks

A seance of a spirited
hiss, a miss, the sins
a risk to hint a rant
with a rock to knock

The eon of the dark
captures on the ark
as the cries unpack
on the trees and barks

The motions stones
commotions hones
the notions tones
as a premonition sone

Where your shadows shows
as a silhouette on a plinth
that voice, I never heard
but felt it deep in my heart
Inspired by Torin Galleshaw piece (the way she walks into the night)
Thanks T for musing me. Keep writing beautifully right to the depths of the Bermuda Triangle! lol

— The End —