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taia Apr 2016
there is no answer
    stop searching
         you won't find it

it will only
   make it easier
      to lose your mind

i don't want to hurt you
   there's nothing left to hide
      i've given you everything i have

if you stopped looking
   you might open your eyes
      and truly see for the first time

do not search anymore
   only listen to these words
      and feel their true meaning

i am pouring my heart out
   hoping that you'll understand
      my complicated vibes for you

so don't look
   pause and listen
      long enough to feel
For every exploration
you need an inspiration
that will serve as your motivation.
I no longer want to be caged
like a bird trapped in one page
Let me soar high
and notice my dashing colors by
Down the river I shall greet you
among the waters below the sky of blue
I'll sing a lullaby that'll make you feel safe
and be your hero without a cape
So listen to my plea
this is my one and only glee

— The End —