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Morgan Alexander Sep 2019
A discarded Bazooka Joe gum wrapper
Two pieces of aluminum foil
14 pixie sticks of various flavors
A packet of fire sauce from Taco Bell
A half-gallon carton of spoiled milk
A half-eaten roast beef sandwich, covered in olive green mold

A wilted red rose
A broken picture frame with a picture that was ripped in half
An empty champagne glass with red lipstick in the shape of a woman’s lips on the side

One double A battery
A green rabbit’s foot
A 9" long strand of shoelace, frayed at both ends
Many crushed, empty beer cans

A torn white t-shirt
A strand of friendship beads
A partially legible postcard from Milan, Italy with a woman’s handwriting on it that read:
     “...just can’t handle...anymore...
     Life is...just want you....
    -Des... [Rest of signature illegible]”

Several ***** pennies, scattered about
21 cigarette butts, some spilled from the ashtray, all the same brand
A $173.44 electric bill
A deck of playing cards from the Pyramid Casino with a hole through the center, the Queen of Hearts is shredded and strewn about the driver’s side floorboard

A pink feather boa
A stale half-full box of cheap cigars
A pen featuring the logo of the Las Vegas Hilton
A business card from an insurance salesman with a non-descript name

The label from a bottle of Krystal
Several flyers from various escort services

On the passenger’s door: A large splatter of sun-dried blood
In the dirt outside:

A pair of men’s sunglasses
One shell casing from a .45
A Kimber .1911 handgun
A male skeleton with a hole in the skull’s right temple
Love's a b*tch ain't it? This is an object poem and was an experiment. I normally wouldn't include it in the collection I'm building but everyone likes this so I... whatevz!
Lieke Jan 2019
With my red lipstick on
soaring through the deep
melting through it all

hair behind me
chin raised up high
arms spread out
vision clear

look back
see you
deep breath
keep going
With my red lipstick on.
December, 2017
Allison Wolf Jul 2014
Some associate a rich red
with either the color of a deep wine
that is bitter and sinfully indulgent
after an impossibly long week
at a ceremony that is supposed
to be religious
or the blood that seeps out
of the fatal wound of the victim
on the most recent re-run
of that crime investigation show.
Personally, I recall the stain of
my newest lipstick that looked
like that spoke of in the fairytale
on his swollen lips
as I told him my final goodbyes
and added up his bill
for the months he spent
adding to his tab.

*April 12, 2014 9:56:46 PM

— The End —