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Lieke Jan 26
With my red lipstick on
soaring through the deep
melting through it all

hair behind me
chin raised up high
arms spread out
vision clear

look back
see you
deep breath
keep going
With my red lipstick on.
December, 2017
Allison Wolf Jul 2014
Some associate a rich red
with either the color of a deep wine
that is bitter and sinfully indulgent
after an impossibly long week
at a ceremony that is supposed
to be religious
or the blood that seeps out
of the fatal wound of the victim
on the most recent re-run
of that crime investigation show.
Personally, I recall the stain of
my newest lipstick that looked
like that spoke of in the fairytale
on his swollen lips
as I told him my final goodbyes
and added up his bill
for the months he spent
adding to his tab.

*April 12, 2014 9:56:46 PM

— The End —