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BJ Donovan Nov 2018
The Puberty Years

  Oh, Christ! A catholic boy traversing
  travels through puberty. My voice cracks
  and I have body hair and I smell off and
  I can't stop thinking about ***. Just me.

  There's not always an end in sight. I'm
  in endless time with my awkward trials.
  I see 007 and fancy me secret agent Bill.
  I want to see a ****** up close. I fail.

  I'm left hungry and determined and I
  meet Kathy. West Side Story Maria.
  She and I have Katie, then Sean. I
  fall over the edge of this flat earth.
Chris Saitta Jun 7
Old stripe-laced tiger moth of the Serengeti with your sugar-seeking tongue,
Your powdered fang stubs into another ******* hartebeest of some bud.
W.B. Yeats underwent the Steinach operation in 1934, which transplanted monkey glands into his own reproductive organs to give him what he felt were rejuvenatory powers of a “second puberty.”  That absurdity aside, I can’t stand his poetry for some reason as it seems overly egotistical, maudlin, and theatrical (for me, he is one finger of Shelley scotch and four of water), though I fully support anyone who enjoys it and finds real merit to it.  To each his or her own.
Stephen E Yocum Dec 2013
Hold your tears little man,
Ignore the hurtful things they say.
Rest your head here, with me.
Ten year old kids can be cruel,
Say things they should not say,
Hurt even their friends for no reason,
As yours have done today,
Thoughtless, mean words they were,
Said without thinking,
using bad judgment .

This thing they called you, “Fat Boy”
Or words to that effect, they mean nothing
Unless you let them, unless you don’t
Understand.  .  . Let me explain,
You are a growing boy, nearing what is
Called puberty, a physical change of
Your body from a little boy, on the way
to being a full grown man. Your body
will be ever changing, it’s how it is,
how it’s supposed to be, how it is for all people.
When I was your age, I had a more rounded
Shape as did your Dad at your age as well,
We too heard those mean thoughtless
Words directed at us. I cannot lie it hurt
every bit as much as these words and
names hurt you today.

Rest assured son of my son, dearest friend,
This chubby stuff, it’s only temporary not a
Permanente thing.

Now as to the stupidity of Mean people,
that hurt other people so thoughtlessly,
for them that state of Ignorance and
stupidity might just last forever.

Go dry your eyes and get the ball and Gloves
and let’s play us some catch.
Here wipe your eyes and blow your nose
on my sleeve and think no more about it.
Had this same talk with my grown son when he
was around the same age. Some things never change
when it comes to dealing with other people.
Meanness and ignorance it seems is generational.
To my grandson "W" you won't see this 'till you're
more grown up, until what I have told you has
become a truth apparent even to you.
With Love Poppy
sammy  Jun 2018
girls bathroom
sammy Jun 2018
i sit with my legs uncrossing on the toilet seat, 7th period
smells of puberty
of wasted ambition and scathing regret of everything
of whispered secrets and sore thighs, ***** dripping out between your lips into the bowl
of tortured angst, of pulling your skin taut and drawing the blade against you over and over, for trusting someone like him
of hope that the next day will be better than today (it isn't)
of high school.
written in 2018
دema  Dec 2018
دema Dec 2018
I wish I can go back home,
borrow a blanket from the living
room that was once filled with
me and my cousins' dancing,

gather four ****** from the street,
the same street I used to steal flowers from,
that now steals people's blood and lives,

borrow a branch or two from the berry tree
that my mom used to make juice out of
and give to our neighbours,
they only reside in my head now,

build a tent in my parents' backyard,
the same backyard where
I held my 6th birthday party at,
that birthday had to end early as
there was a more important event happening;

the Americans were bombing
the area I used to run so free in,
with all of my friends,
whom I never got to say goodbye to,
never get to see how puberty hit them,
or even know if they're still alive today,

I live under a stable roof,
I run away from the thought of home,
because it kills me that
I left the land that once
gave birth to me,
kept me warm,
warmer than I would personally like,
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