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kaehaniya Aug 2020
don't scream or cry by light
don't shout or rage by night
win my hand in ****** ******
and take me in a fight
kaehaniya Aug 2020
never sin before a mirror,
for it will never forget
no matter if it's no big deal
or your greatest regret.
it won't shame you,
it won't hurt you,
it won't blackmail you, nor bribe
but if a mirror knows a secret,
you’re as good as dead inside.
“Mirrors remember everything they have seen.”
kaehaniya Aug 2020
they say, she was locked up
in that tower of hers
forever alone
with only the sea for a companion

they say she was seen on occasion
pacing the rocks
never looking behind her
or back at the town

they say she’d stand in silence
staring out at the midnight sea
always at the same spot on the horizon
listening to the crash of the waves
they say it was all she had.
"they say, she was seen on occasion, pacing the rocks, staring out at the midnight sea." - taylor swift // the last great american dynasty
kaehaniya Aug 2020
i need to run
i don't know what to do
i need to run
feeling stripped
of my dignity
of everything
that I love about me
of kindness
of gratitude
of hope
i need to run
i don't know what to do
i need to run
"feeling stripped of my dignity, of everything i love about me."
kaehaniya Jul 2020
dreams floating above the clouds
colorful, high in the sky
gone forever,
like hot air balloons
prompt: hot air balloon
kaehaniya Jul 2020
look at me
don't call me a king
i'm not a king
why be a king
when you can be
a god?
it ain't that hard
but it ain't easy
not even a little
it's closer to misery
closer to pain
closer to never
nothing is gained
except for the pain
the pain
"why be a king when you can be a god?"
- eminem // rap god
no i don't know what this is either
kaehaniya Jul 2020
you know i miss you
you know i need you
you know i want you
but you're not there
you know i love you
i always have
you were my life when
life wasn't fair

i didn't want to
want to love you
i didn't want to
want to care
but then you kissed me
then you loved me
you were my life when
life wasn't fair
"you were my life when life was far away from fair."
- billie eilish // no time to die
kaehaniya Jul 2020
i don't know what i expected,
when i walked away with you
but certainly not
for you to do what you would do

it wasn't like you showed it,
it wasn't like i cared
but when i walked off with you
you gave me no reason to be scared

when you leaned in close to me
when you took my hand in yours
i told myself i wanted it
i told myself to open the doors

but then after you had left
when you had made everything worse
i realized what had happened
was an enchanting curse
"All curses are enchanting in the beginning."
kaehaniya Jul 2020
i am me
and i
that's it
that's all i need
just me
and i.

i don't need love
i don't need anybody
just me
and i.
i've got me
for life,
just me
and i.
"it's just me, myself and i, solder right on till i die, cause i've got me for life."
- bebe rexha // me, myself and i
kaehaniya Jul 2020
i'm not crying,
not anymore,
and i'm going to stay that way

you can't make me cry,
not without my consent,
not when i can stay brave

i don't need your help,
i don't need your pity,
i don't need anything from you

not if you've made me cry,
not if you've made me shy,
not if you've made my clear sky gray.
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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