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trf Nov 2017
i smoke cigarettes, i'm cool.
my new orleans dialect, hasn't escaped me yet.
get high from the vet, i'm cool.
With my head down I’m staring up, from this deep K hole.

my coke is the best, i'm cool.
wearin' a crown to bed, those thorny cigarettes.

don't listen to anyone who's true,
live like you wanna be, that seems funny too.

die in your dreams, way past curfew,
the more it seems, those years'll laugh at you.

     the sky will bury you
     and burn you to the ground.
     hot air balloons,
     will fall upside down.

     life's label has no lesson,
     you grew and grew and grew.
     armor up this cap and gown,
     nightmares will pursue.

with all above regrets, i'm cool, i'm cool, i'm cool.
"amid the chaos of that day, when all i could hear was the thunder of gunshots and all i could smell was the violence in the air. I look back and i'm amazed, that my thoughts were so clear and true. that three words went through my mind endlessly, repeating themselves, like a broken record. you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool."
Nicole Dawn May 2015
Straight A's
Tall and lovely
Big bright smiles

She is a poster child
Happy as can be

Always polite
Never interrupts
Answers sweet and quiet

She is a poster child
Never in the way

Very mature
Speaks quite eloquently
Sharp as a tack

She is a poster child
Gives it her all

Cries herself to sleep
Works far too hard
Never eats, to keep her figure

She isn't a poster child
But hides it all away

So nervous she can't breathe
Pushed far past her limits
Just wants to escape

She isn't a poster child
But doesn't let it show

She is done with the world
She'll never be perfect
She can't do it anymore

She is a monster child
She let her true colors show
This isn't about me

— The End —