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tee2emm Mar 2015
Three wives or at least two
But I'm one of the few
The few that believes in monogamy
So I'm sticking to my marriage with poetry

Yes, I admit to a couple of affairs with words
But that's a crime my wife can easily wave go
Like Sarah having her maid wooed
Though desecrating to her matrimonial room.

Make it rain all day
Rain poems that makes heart stay sane
Pain and bitterness interwoven into poetry
Yes sad but the joy therein comes after the read.

Let there be a deluge
So much without a place for refuge
Let the poetic flood wash away pollutants of this awesome world
Let the poetic purification begin now.

I pledge to transformational poetry
I write this insane world back into sanity
Recreating my own space
Letting my pen and mind decide the pace.

Peace out of chaos
Addicted criminal gone pious
I call that "Poetic magic"
tee2emm Mar 2015
There in the mirror,
My jaw dropped from the terror
Of what I ' ve become
T2m Aug 2014
Barking orders from behind a
shiny mahogany table
' Bring me my . . . . . .
Where is Mr. . . . . . .
You **** fool , how many times
will i have to tell you. . . . . '
Spinning left and swinging right in
a fluffy comfortable white chair-
Let ' s not talk about the shiny cloths
he wears-
While his people wreath in abject
I call it white - washed kind of
Their faces say it all
But he is always cold and calm
His Italian shoes keeping him high
and fine
His words meant life or strife
Pain or gain
Wage or cage
To an extreme , sometimes even
A fitting representation of fear and
To him laughter is reproach
And painful groans applauds
So that all that brought joy was
And the painful restored
All in the ploy to keep us confined
To a ' ran ka ya dade ' kind of songs
But in all his plots this is where he
He left the pet hungry for too long
So that the once tamed sweet thing
began to growl
Instead of the sweet songs she use
to hum
Until the growl grew into a roar
No one is meant to have that power
No one is meant to have that power
No one is meant to have that power
So the hour came for power to
change hands
And the exchanged brought it
All the people' s pains began to
And their fears were no longer
Even the sun ' s smile grew wider
And our mothers' sweet songs got
Now instead of barking orders
opinions are sort
Instead of " i want it all"
It is "let us all have it"
And no longer a one man ' s calls
I remember this silly story once
A couple of men went to a salon
Ordered equal amounts of the same
Drank down and called out for
They all drank equal ration
Same in proportion, equal in all
Until it was time to return home
Then this reality dawned
One was too drunk to walk on his
So that the other had to carry him
Such is the case with power
Allow two people equal amounts of
its shower
And certainly one will be more
drunk than the other
Becoming a magnet that either
attracts or repels
From all this story , this is what i
hoped to tell
This myopia i hope to correct and
this notion dispel
That all men are wired for power
Power is neither a cap for all heads
Nor one for all men
No wonder some act dump then
It is because they don ' t belong
For a man to fittingly man this seat
The man must be one fit for it
Oh , and by man , i mean women too
We must then be true as we choose
But sadly our prejudiced and
biased minds
Makes us compromise
And structural demise ? that is
No more self- deceiving lies .
Setting the wrong man to rule is
like setting the sun against the
Cos soon there won ' t be a sun nor a
All there will be is just gloom
So shake off the blindfolds
And loosen the strong holds
Of ethnic chains
Tribal veils
And religious scales
Which are all pluses to our pain
There is no more room for miss fits
Power is a cap only for those it fits
"Ran ka ya dade" is a statement in Hausa which mean "may you live long" mostly used in sycophansy by commoners or royal councils
T2m Aug 2014
.....slavery comes in different forms
And we give it different names
There was
The slavery slaves
But now we have;
Computer slaves;
Mental slaves;
Economic slaves;
Fashion slaves;
*** slaves;
Addiction slaves;,
This slaves and that slaves....
For the full poem, please download, listen critically and give me your candid opinion.

— The End —