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Timothy Mar 2018
you've been good to me
you've shown me the way to be free
I want to give something in return
so I wrote this poem that I've learn

You are the instrument of my song
To the beat of your heart as it play along.
I've never been this in love before
but I know that you are someone I wont fall for.

You are the song that plays in the background
before I knew it, you're all ready there,
and I was dumbfounded.
you are the instrument that lives in me....
you are my inspiration that drove me here..
I feel blessed that I've known you
because without you

I will never be a writer of expression.
dunno if I did it correctly.
your thoughts?
Ps. just playing around with words again. do you mind translating this poem for me to understand what the hell did I wrote.
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
Throw your sticks and stones
I've been in this place before
I know how it goes

You lied and used all of me you could
I knew you where lying, but it felt so good

I kept my secrets and mystery
You just became my living fantasy

Someone to make belive with
I know your loves a myth

I'll just play along
I know your song

I'll just pretend
Until it reaches it's inevitable end

— The End —