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Lucy Apr 2021
Peacock with your feathers so bright,
So blue and beautiful, so full of might,
You stand up tall, proud and bold,
You have so many adventures yet to be told.

Peahen you’re so shy and demure,
Something about you feels unsure,
You don’t know what you want just yet,
You will find out soon, there’s no need to fret.
Ezbon Kancharla Apr 2020
Her long neck filled with tiny torquiose feathers
In the light , they glare as aurora flares
The flock it herds in the wild
In her is the judge to keep them live
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

One of the beautiful creatures to witness
She upholds her survival in wilderness
Her flock she guards by her own breath
Feast their full on her watch in wild
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

In a perfect ambience to view
The image of her symbol reminds a proud guardian
Chest high , head tall , eyes wide  
She holds the stare of lion in hunt
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way
Àŧùl Dec 2016
She's a peahen,
I kindled the bird,
And me her peacock.
O she loved me crazily,
She stayed here till long,
Until she'd realised it,
That she could fly.
A tribute to The Beatles' song Norwegian Wood.

HP Poem #1305
©Atul Kaushal
Elena Andrade Dec 2015
Loud and boisterous
their green, blue, brown feathers
fluttered with enthusiasm
they pranced like enraged dancers
around a still pasture of evergreen

The sky dissolved into a milky white
feathered with thin grey clouds
when I saw him
pitch black and inky
he wasn't natural
this peacock's feathers looked like they had been dipped in oil
He was larger than the others
with a stoic expression and confident stance
he was quiet among the other birds
He was alluring, almost mysterious
I wanted to embrace this bird
but I knew I wasn't worthy
at least I thought I wasn't

And he was gone
Just like that
like a ghost I knew I would never see again
but I still dream of meeting him

— The End —