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Ezbon Kancharla Sep 2021
One should bleed in order to get a sense of touch
Ezbon Kancharla Oct 2020
as they try to hurt
as they try to play and dominate
i chuckle
Life has been kind and hard
and as i see their unrest
for things fragile and insignificant
i chuckle
more happiness in realizing whats important
Ezbon Kancharla Aug 2020
Thinking of you while i am writing this
We started so young, when we didn't know what it was
Lust overwhelmed us, the heat and satisfaction pulled us closer
So we thought it was love, we shared our flesh and blood
It lasted a while, good times
And i doubted your love
But you had secrets
I had to do it
I had to be sure
I tried be closer even
After this headache you caused me
Still you had secrets
I feel this deep regret
I don't know on whom i should show this anger
Why did they encourage us
They would have said to stop but they didn't
They thought we could be something else
But time had a different plan for us,
I remember you at least once a day.
Any familiar smell, trees,climate or ambience remind me of you
I try to sleep , but my pillow softness reminds me of your skin
I close my eyes and you are there
Even i know in my heart you are you
I still want you even its bad for me
I feel regret that i love you
They are some moments but the hell you showed me
Yes i feel regret
#broken heart
Ezbon Kancharla Apr 2020
Her long neck filled with tiny torquiose feathers
In the light , they glare as aurora flares
The flock it herds in the wild
In her is the judge to keep them live
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

One of the beautiful creatures to witness
She upholds her survival in wilderness
Her flock she guards by her own breath
Feast their full on her watch in wild
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

In a perfect ambience to view
The image of her symbol reminds a proud guardian
Chest high , head tall , eyes wide  
She holds the stare of lion in hunt
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

— The End —