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Thinking of you while i am writing this
We started so young, when we didn't know what it was
Lust overwhelmed us, the heat and satisfaction pulled us closer
So we thought it was love, we shared our flesh and blood
It lasted a while, good times
And i doubted your love
But you had secrets
I had to do it
I had to be sure
I tried be closer even
After this headache you caused me
Still you had secrets
I feel this deep regret
I don't know on whom i should show this anger
Why did they encourage us
They would have said to stop but they didn't
They thought we could be something else
But time had a different plan for us,
I remember you at least once a day.
Any familiar smell, trees,climate or ambience remind me of you
I try to sleep , but my pillow softness reminds me of your skin
I close my eyes and you are there
Even i know in my heart you are you
I still want you even its bad for me
I feel regret that i love you
They are some moments but the hell you showed me
Yes i feel regret
#broken heart
I see and feel the multi faced
Wondering how's that valid
They say that's how we survive these days
Ignorance of these will end with guilty days
Change is the essence of time
One should thrive to tame his heart in time
As tranquility of pure soul is uncorrupted

Every step i take among these, facing the ill
I am pulled into an underworld by a quick sand in a loamy soil
With all my raw and pure strength, i tread to sky
Like a phoenix i rise and clear my path with fire
Turning these ore of men into priceless stones
Looking down from celestial dome, i see crystals
Witnessing a tranquil change in my own and every
Tranquility in my heart and every every
We need to change ourselves and others for the much good that is there in this world.....we must see it done before our time is done.
My feet hurt
My spine hurts
I stumble as i walk
some weariness has struck my bones
To take another step
my mind feels asleep
As a zombie i walk

I forget sometimes where i was
Lost in the bliss, a state of submit
i wake in a snap, and i don't remember
how i got here, as partial zombie
i tread this earth from every

I wonder how the others manage
I always dream of an escape
but none i ever find
I find ways but can't dare
I was loved and hated
zombie is what i am

A dead soul
An nullified empathy
A dead dreamer
A rigid heart of pure insanity
zombie is what i am
i feel this nullified thoughts and emotions in me sometimes, which leads me to a hollow state of mind and body, this phrase as i call it reflects my pain in mind and body , i believe some few may share my ......
A glance at her quenches my lust
Tired heart at rest as i see her eyes

A small breeze brings her scent
As i walk towards her in resent

A weight of heart and a lump in my throat
My words and thoughts don't come out

I look as my eyes shutter in shy
A Fear drowns me , what if she sees me

How i have longed for her touch
A kiss on her lips , wow what a thrill ah!

I sleep, dream and wake in her aura
Feeling the heat she inflicts in my dreams

I fantasize of us both under the sky
In midst of fireflies and flowers may

I like her as i say, a lustful heart
With a love, a perplexing part.
I see a women i want, i like her but is it love, i have a crush , but is it love, a confusing part
The vivid display of righteous thought in my head
Will i only experience this now and then
seems so true as the overwhelming rain
It brings out the peace that one will ever want
though it is sad to see it pass
the thump it gives in time of short
A thousand years life in a single moment
Is worth the wait of a lifetime gained and prospered
The rows and columns of the smoggy rain
So perfect to beleive in a creation of one

The scent of a perfect moist is that of marble skin
Of the chalice bearer whose purity is taken in pain
The pattern of hair on her skin, vivid in rain
Cozy than a grand bed, the warmth it has
Can any wealth measure the ambience
An adventure of sorts, At its peak, to devour it
The smoggy life aint it how its savoured by one

Oh the cradle of all beings that exist
What a kind gesture you bestow on
King and peasant alike
Can fill their emptiness alike
Few seconds of courage is the key
A life time to be vain is striken in instant
The hard cold heart knows it all, feels it all
Ignorance is ones curse and Knowing is boon of the same
Secrets of life, the mysteries it awaits
Vivid in perspective Vivid in all

A moment granted by the cradle is cherished well
Few moments are given to one
Knowing they will be green and bright
The dark colours of fate rise and fall
To hold on to the bright is the key to it all
Let me have a quick view of it all
Unsure it repeats itself again at all
The Life in balance to acquire is the beauty of it all
Her long neck filled with tiny torquiose feathers
In the light , they glare as aurora flares
The flock it herds in the wild
In her is the judge to keep them live
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

One of the beautiful creatures to witness
She upholds her survival in wilderness
Her flock she guards by her own breath
Feast their full on her watch in wild
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

In a perfect ambience to view
The image of her symbol reminds a proud guardian
Chest high , head tall , eyes wide  
She holds the stare of lion in hunt
On a cloudy day, the alpha hen leads the way

— The End —