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The captured memories on the walls
Are starting to crack, about to fall.
We never had an expiry date
But we never begun, maybe that's our fate.

Holding onto every conversation
Like a journey's souvenirs.
You might be next to me,
But in your heart the distance
between us is of light years.

I could write you a thousand letters
Pick the petals of a hundred flowers
Yet the truth of your heart
Will time and time again,
tear mine apart.
Day by day you leave me baffled,
So I'll leave all the memories in a time capsule.

Buried in the ground, in a time capsule.

Never to be found, in a time capsule.
This world is forever evolving,
Every part of it changing.
And of course so do we,
Our thoughts in this thing we call society.

Funny people aren’t we,
We impose our ideas on each other,
Call each other out,
To the point each of us crouch down in a corner,
hoping to be what we know as normal.

But in this forever changing world,
Am I the only feels like I’m in the wrong time?
Like my body would’ve been loved eras ago,
And I’m stuck here and this is fate playing some twisted joke?

Am I the only one who is confused and puzzled,
This concept everyone knows as best or normal?
Besides who decides?
You, me, us?

When I look around all I see,
Is people thinking why am I like this,
oh why me.

Which makes no sense to me,
We made the choice, didn’t we?
In a yellowing photograph
Smiling back at me
My doppelgänger from the past
Who supposedly is a part of me

But lately, I feel her slowly fading
A piece of her breaking away
And Im sat here desperately clinging
To the piece of her, willing it to stay

I put the yellowing photograph aside
And see my reflection in the mirror
A person I still recognise
Wondering when she will turn, into a distant figure

But these doppelgängers
How do I know when I’ve become better
That I have left the parts of me behind
That will push me towards some peace of mind

Or I have left the parts of me
That made me unique
Have they gone forever?
Because lately I feel incomplete

— The End —