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imber Mar 2022
my safe blanket, my nest, my little own pocked sized moon that heals me with just a giggle
I’ll hold on for you too, my baby, until you’re ready
heartbeat steady, I’ll be on the other side for you, waiting
imber Sep 2021
it just hit me: I want to string beautiful words along just for you, only to imagine you smiling as you read them
as i think them, I ponder about you and it sinks in
I’d fill myself up with honey and let you drink me if that only made you feel me
how would i be in your throat? golden, shiny and liquid? gently dripping
from your chin, shimmering and exquisite
imber Jul 2021
you know, if I made my favorite people into a house, you'd still be my favorite room
sky blue, as I shatter like a glass falling down, I only watch you
it's true, everyday I tend to overthink and get lost in my blues
but not with you: you erase any fault and proof
that I'm not being who I should, that I'm just a daydreaming fool
imber Apr 2021
the evening is my favorite time to exist
really, you can find so many reasons to live if you just insist
try to breathe in the clear air, exhale the smoke of a filled day
holding on is what I want you to do at this point, please just stay
imber Apr 2021
you have a gun pointed at you and blood on your hands
they ask you if it was you: if you've committed the crime, if you did the unthinkable, if you really are such a villain
and you are, you did, you have,
so you tremble, ready for the switch off that'll obscure your vision
you know you're guilty but still, you shake your head, scared
you renounce, you avoid their scrutinizing stare
you swear you deserve the dark but still, you hope you can escape
to go back into hiding, wash the blood from your hands and reshape
imber Mar 2021
I pull each of my teeth out, carefully
open a door to flee, get away from here
I go hunting for love, don’t find a single prey today
so I withdraw alone in the cold, close the door to this day
imber Mar 2021
are rage and sadness not the same thing? I feel like they are
for in both anger and despair occurs a laceration of the heart
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