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Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
How I was before
staring at things
and getting tensed at everything around.
Fearing constantly without knowing anything.
To step out of comfort zone
I cried and cried but to resists!
Afraid to lose anything,
longing everything to be forever mine!

Then came this breakthrough!
I broke apart...
going through lows
in the midst of nowhere else
No stares, no glares.
Nothing at all and I suddenly realized
I was out of that all.
I suddenly saw a dandelion flying away..
away from everything, knowing not alive or dead
but moving on with the wind
no persistence or resistance...
Just to free flow not caring at all.
That's how I found out myself all over again.
I fear but not too often, I stare into spaces
to find more love in life.
I add up to the beauty by smiling wide apart.
I enjoy the fears now,
more often it tries to get me down
but challenging more, to be more.
Enjoying my journey and not worry about the path..
And I'm glad I am more of me now
rather than what I was couple of years before.
Change within me..I was fun-loving kid always but over the time I became fearful as I was stormed by reality of life..It took me a while to realize that I can actually surf the my fears and make myself prone to surprises of life!
- Apr 2017
and even after all these years when everything changes, i will still be here for you
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
I consider them as my everything
but they don't know that.
They are the reason why I sing
wherever I'm at.

They have inspired me
to do better.
They are my reality
and my gold treasure.

They introduced me to this,
a world completely unfamiliar
but it was pretty bliss
to be somewhere quite peculiar.

We'll be heading our own ways soon
I'm not so prepared.
Without them I'm a song without a tune,
a machine that can't be repaired.

Yet I thank you,
for everything.
I did what I wanted to.
You are my favorite thing.
"they" are my friends.
- *kyle, mika, maya, kisha* -
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
People would ask me
" what made you who you are. "
I'd say my family and things that filled me with glee,
especially the people who I talked to almost every hour.

My Friends.
They helped me change for the better.
Those who will stay for the end
will be considered greater.

They helped me when most needed
and encouraged me so much
They cheered when I suceeded
and always stayed in touch.
drumhound Apr 2017
he had a barbershop on Broadway.
it sat perfectly
midway between the river and
"the other side of town".
you passed George's
whether you wanted to or not,
but people wanted to.
he made them forget the mortgage
their ugly spouse
and tragedy.
he was half entertainer
half evangelist
which didn't leave much for barbering.
he chased away heartaches
like tufts of hair blown
across the green
and white tiled floor.
his guitar came out
more regularly than his clippers
and sermons were included
in the basic package.
you paid for the song and
the therapy,
the haircuts were free.
There's never been another character like my father. Not just because he was my father. He was unique piece of God's handiwork. I just happened to be a footnote as son. His approach with people constructed my behaviors and changed everything about my world. He was often a mess, but his heart was for everyone.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
You didn't change my life
in a moment
but you changed it
more than any moment
can hold.
Stayed home. Hours.
Elder D Anthony Apr 2017
I remember,
Being 10,
And scared...

Do You?

I was scared of the move.
Our car puncturing borders
And my mind racing even faster.

Out of the most standard questions,
I chose two.


And How?

I assure you,
The answers where beautiful.

Now im 20 and,
And, im doing it again.

Im scared. Im thinking.
And Im in motion.

I have no new questions

But soon Ill have new answers.

And maybe new beauty.
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