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Zoe Sue Apr 2017
Use this to better yourself. Try as ******* yourself as you did on the relationship. You are the most important person. You are capable of everything you want to do. Don't give up on yourself too. I love you. I love you. I will learn to love you. There is time for sadness. That is okay. Turn it into creation. You won't always be happy but you will always be okay. Fill the holes in your heart from loving him with new reasons to love yourself. Go hiking alone. Climb a tree and read a book. Write more. ******* it, don't waste that talent. Practice gratitude. Practice mindfulness. Believe. In the future. In the power of your mind. In your ability to overcome. You will be reborn in strength.

Your forever companion
Born Apr 2017
Memories, memories grinding your brain
Scorching wound opening up
A prisoner in your own body
A prisoner in my own body

Sigh! exhausting pain
Reminiscing on those days
When icicles is all that mattered
When we were busy
Paper chasing
Life chasing
Dream mending
Afraid of being popped
Holding on a hopeless rope
Screaming at the top of my lungs

I know you got me
Am a sinner but I know you got me
Isabelle Apr 2017
"I love you too"*

*It is the magic word
that changes her world
Entry for Day 6.
Write something that changed you, or that changed the life of another.
Yes, words can change you..
Scarlet McCall Apr 2017
Your words were a
glowing ember
that kindled a slow fire
in the dead wood of my heart.

I could breathe oxygen again
and pass the spark
to another.
Breeze-Mist Apr 2017
Thank you, A, for showing me
I wasn't the monster they made me out to be
For showing me that, in the end
Even freaks can have some friends

When you first approached me, I thought you were mad
For wanting to befriend someone so unspeakably bad
For a full hour, I thought you were a prank
That you were just there to give my chains a yank

In a way, you were my first friend
Hell, you were the second who didn't leave or betray me in the end
And the first I liked, but didn't see enough
I guess, for me, it was more puppy love

But in seventh grade, in a darkened gym
I sat at an empty table within
With so many seats, I couldn't believe
That you'd voluntarily sit and talk to me

And though we don't talk much anymore
Since I moved away and got more chores
Your memory always shines in my mind
As the first true friend I ever did find
Lauren Ehrler Apr 2017
Born brand new-
"Who's that?" I asked,
It was you-
My sister.

Just over a year
And you were here but
I'd never let you fear
My sister

I'd wash you gently
But you became dependent
My sister

I'd let you pick
Your favorite toy
And I didn't care a lick
My sister

Now we fight
And scream and laugh
But you always are the light
My sister

We have the same mind,
Can't play on the same team,
But we're always kind
My sister

We defend each other
But go through a lot together
And protect one another
My sister

Without you I would be a brat
I'd lose my priorities
And call people fat

Without you
-My sister-
I would be lost too.

Your sister
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