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Safana Dec 2020 a boundary
between +ve and -ve
adding more yielding
more and subtracting
more making nothing a field where
attractions a pulled
between different
identities of species a space where
lives  are living and
Hammad Oct 2020
Sometimes i feel
that you are
the "North Pole"
with you
time doesn't pass
like it should
You are the land
of mid-night sun
which never sets - in the summer
and it doesn't matter
how far i've explored - the uncharted waters
you are still
full of mysteries
and myths....
It's time to open the window
To see the single tree
hoping to fly early to be free
to find a place faraway
so,there I will have a better stay
waking up by sunshine top of the mountain 
there are animals you can countin
bears and wolve of here are kinder than some people
they only treat you like an eagle

— The End —