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IamMsIves Aug 2014
I found you at the right time

when life is out of tune and needs rhyme

I found you at the right place

after drifting back and forth to find solace

I found you when I'm on the brink of loneliness

and took me in your arms

as you pressed me into your heart

realizing that you made me

a better person, loving and kind

Unleashing the hidden emotion

and affection that is inside

letting me loose myself

and be the real me

Now I have you and you have me

not for now but for eternity

answering to the call of our love

that needs assurance,

that I am yours

not to give but to keep.
This is a non-rhyme piece from me. Seldom happens because I'm a sucker for rhyme but this is what my-muse dictates me to write.
IamMsIves Aug 2014
You feed my hunger
And called me **** thing
You filled my heart with gladness
And stop me from wandering.

My cold days are warmer
In your arms I feel alive
The ache, lack and longing
You help me survive.

The gap and dearth I feel inside
Are filled with your song
Of words so sweet and tender
My happiness you prolong.

You make me feel beautiful
I’m glowing inside and out
You told me I’m special
I believe you no doubt.

You are making me “ME” again
Vibrant and full of life
Casting all traces of bleakness
‘Cause now I am revived.
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Is that you?
The one I love and adore
Do not go
I will knock on your door.

How are you?
Still in the dumps
Don’t say no
I have goose bumps.

Is that a grin?
I hate to see you like that
Let me come in
I just want a short chat.

How I wish love
I could take you out from there
Your blues I could rid off
Your woes I could care.

Love, I wish I am free
To test what we shared
Bring me down from reality
Then fantasy will be spared.

As I was skimming through my poems, I saw this piece I wrote last February. I was broken-hearted then, with the same man I have now. :)
IamMsIves Aug 2014
Baby you're killing me with your moves

Your easy gait and **** grooves

Oh gosh! but I want to sway with you

Be tossed and turned, my beau.

Your moving, **** image

Is in my mind through out the day

Yay! it didn't help the adrenaline rage

As in my mind with you I sway.

Oh my! but that body I so adore

Now I'm drooling so much more

Johnny Bravo, step aside, step aside

My man has a body that's driving me wild

With his easy gait and **** grooves

I'm sure ladies will come in droves

Shhh! but I'll let them in

And gladly kick their shin!

The result of watching him dancing salsa. And it's true when I said I will kick her shin if she ever drool over his legs. LOL
IamMsIves Aug 2014
When I’m gone

will you remember
the way you read my eyes
like an open book of emotions
full of love, packed with desires
filled with passion, bare of pretensions?

will you remember
my laughter, my smiles
even my tears that won’t let
me hide any lies,
purging the storms within,
saving myself from drowning?

will you remember
how my stares made you feel
as it strokes your body
in our own free will
riding in the ripples of desire
and the love we acquire?

And when I’m gone

will you remember
my unselfish love
the way I opened up to you
giving what I am capable of
unleashing everything that is hidden
expressing the words unwritten

Because when I’m gone**

I will remember you
my one and only true.

IamMsIves Jul 2014
You painted my world with happiness,
letting me glimpse of what could
have been, as I see the colors
with so much gladness
and the world as to
what it seems.

Every time I looked into your eyes,
I am mesmerized of the feeling
it evoked that made me
realized and looked
up the beautiful
blue skies.

White clouds scattered in clusters,
as you skillfully braced the
unwanted storm, giving
way to a bright day
hiding away rain
and tears.

This feeling I will treasure, I say
as in my heart you occupy a
biggest part, loving you
now is like living in
eternity, I love u
forever and
a day.

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