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pearson Apr 2015
All the time lately
I see my friends sad and crying
Feels like there's nothing I can do
But really, I'm trying!

They wrote poems about sadness,
About loss, about love,
And here I am writing a poem about them
While they are watched over from above

I want them to know
That I have sadness, too
But all of my depressing poems
Are red and grey and tan and blue

So please, dear friends, stop
Writing about sadness, loyalty, and stuff
The wall that you've built around yourself
Is made of nothing no more, it's not buff

All of your feelings have come spilling out
Bout family ties, friendship lies,
And many more to date
These troubles and bubbles are not mine

So please, dear friends, put down your device
Look me in the eyes, and know I am right
That your poems are great, they truly are,
But hold a lot of sadness and trouble and night

So bring out the happiness and calm mood and sun
I would really like to read some happy poems
(For one)
And it would really be great if you'd

Look me in the eyes, and tell me you're not afraid
The last line is probably the most meaningful . . .
Mary Christopher May 2014
Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t care.
You never did and never will.
That’s what I live for baby.
Those words in that voice
Screaming out “Don’t you see?!”

Look me in the eyes and say those things to me.
That’s what I want.
That’s what I need.

Don’t pretend you care,
Or that you’ll always be there.
I know you won’t.
I know the truth,
Even if you don’t.

Just say those little things right in my ear,
And give me a reason to end this all here.

If you don’t, I’ll just go on
The same old way I always have,
Living like this
With the tears and the slits.
That’s what I live for baby.
That’s how I live with this,

Knowing you don’t care,
You never have and never will.
Well darling, that’s enough to ****.


— The End —