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pearson Apr 2019
                         is going

thank you.
  Mar 2016 pearson
Jude kyrie
I was born in the waves of music
so long ago now
when the music was faint.
barely audible almost silent.
I was a accident a beautiful one
but still an accident.
She was a concert pianist
he was a guitar player in a rock band.
they should have hated each other
but that's where I came in
they didn't.
her father was a control freak
all he could see was her career.
after my parents met
it was something at first sight.
They slept together
on a bench on a new York rooftop.
I guess you could say
that's where I came in.
Her father took her away
to her recital in California.
she did not even know his name.
but I found out later
she never married
nor did he.
When Mom found she was pregnant
her father said it must be adopted.
I became an it instead the baby
or my grandson or even the boy.
Mom had an accident
after the news she was
to put me up for adoption.
She ran into the street
and a bike courier hit her hard.
I was born
but her father
I still cannot call him gandfather.
forged her name on adoption papers.
when she woke up in hospital
he said the baby was lost.
that I did not make it.
I was put into the orphanage.
I never got adopted
I guess I was bit weird.
I listened to music everywhere
in the grass the street the wind.
and I knew somehow
She was out there.
I could feel it.
I became a musical prodigy at seven
I could write music without lessons.
I could play any instrument
you threw at me.
the nuns at the orphanage
sent me to juliard.
I was their youngest student at nine.
Then her father confessed
what he had done on his deathbed.
Mom searched and searched
until she released the adoption papers
with the forged signature.
she saw my photo for the first time.
she said that's him.
at juliard I wrote a symphony.
it was put forward to play
in central park for best new composers.
The moon played
its music loud that night
The park was full
and she was playing
the concert piano.
when my music played
it awakened in her heart
I could see her feeling it
she felt me.
She felt my music.
She felt her son.
The concert finished
they called me to the stage
to take a bow.
but she came to me
in her beautiful gown.
she was so pretty.
she held me in her arms
I felt for the first time
the softness of my mother.
her eye makeup
was running down
her beautiful face.
is it it you she asked.
I kissed her cheek
and whispered yes mom.
thank you for the music.
pearson Mar 2016
It was a huge step
To our new life
We just wanted
To not have to strive

And i climbed on
To the mountain top
I was really scared
But we made it up

The sights were beautiful
I was in awe
It was so wonderful
And then we dropped

It was so fast
In over our heads
We were falling
And we didnt know how
story of my life lol: don't know what I'm doing then all of a sudden I'm falling and tripping
  Mar 2016 pearson
Poetry  is  the


song for human being

and it make cool down

no fire can warm it.
  Mar 2016 pearson
Ree Bunch
Music made from you,
With your voice,
Your instruments,
Are unrivaled.

Exquisite notes flow effortlessly,
Entrancing women,
To descent deeper,
And deeper in love.

Your composition style,
Is a gift inherited.
It can not be acquired.

You told me your
Ingenious father showed you
All that you know.

The casual way,
You beguiled me with
Your music, making me
Feel heaven bound.

My heart was your instrument,
Manipulating and conquering it.

Lies were your notes,
Enchanting them to
Appear truthful.

My mind the foolish audience,
Awaiting an encore,
One performance was
Never good enough.

You continuously performed,
Yet I continuously stayed.
We've all knew at one point the relationship was over BUT we just stayed.
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