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storm siren Sep 2016
Why sleep?

Why is sleep what you agree on.

Why not something easy,
Something helpful.

Like genders,
Or names,
Or actions,
Or intentions?

Or how events actually occurred?

Or who we have sympathy for?

Or who we empathize with?

Or whether or not we empathize with anyone at all!?

But no.

We're going to agree on the fact
That I'm not going to sleep tonight.


Because I've had enough stress for the day/week/month/year,
Let's save me from some nightmares
And just not sleep.

But it's a little lonely,
And a little scary,
Being awake with just my thoughts.
At least sleep ends,
And I wake up,
And the world is awake.

Everything is silent
Besides my fingers on the keyboard.

But I am okay.

I am okay.

Bite back down
On the anxiety,
Bite back
Fight back
The fear
The nausea.

Just a little
Sick is all.

Fight back
Bite back,
I'll be fine.

Just the return
Of some insomnia.
I really just want to sleep.

— The End —