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Living from the longing
In your heart
Is something learned
It takes practice
It's sweet
It's innocent

Can I do it?
I don't know.
My longing
Is to know this
Vs sadness or depression.
Coping with a yearning but learning to live from it instead
Clove Jan 2021
I've spent so much time
Learning from other people's
That I've grown comfortable
Living life vicariously
Through others
Instead of living life
Through me

I think it's time I learn to live
It's my life. Only I can live it.
Shruti Atri Feb 2015
She told them, 'I'm a star, not a circle!'
She's lost her limbs and bows her head;
*But atleast, she is a circle now...
Three lines for the waking dead...

— The End —