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Zack Ripley Aug 17
"I wish I could fight."
"You can."
"How? I don't know how
to punch or move."
"You fight with words.
It's called kung fu typing."
"Kung fu typing?
Did you just make that up?
Doesn't sound very cool."
"It's not supposed to be.
But if you master it,
you'll never need to worry
about not knowing
how to punch or move."
Stephen James Mar 2019
the slums of shaolin
gave rise to nine buddha monks
to each...four chambers
a haiku
Hesitant, yet we advance,
Each move, make us reconsider?
No man wish as first...

Don't take off the jacket!

The whistles, hoots, hollers are bewildering,
Move about in circle to confuse,
He tenses! We tense, -it is time!

He thrown down the jacket!

Two, then three, five more quickly,
Attempt, too close, to fast, reject us,
Dojo writhing, pain, on floor ache...

Watch him pick up jacket!

Fury fist of legs, he leaves; thank Doumu he leave us.

cultural demagoguery

Fight Japan!
Fight Indochina!
Fight The West!
Steve Page Nov 2016
Man, slow yourself down,
Why you walking so bold?
Stridin' like combat,
Rushin' to get old.

We'll get there together,
Just lift them quick eyes
Don't miss the already.
Breathe in the realised.

That's how you move:
Slide your kung fu,
Put down your fists
And take a close view.

Come and speak softly,
Hear the real you
And before you know it
You'll see the new true.
Thanks to Champion Jack Depree.

— The End —