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shuble Nov 2019
          are                pretty
            cool                       man
          like                                     if
            we                               didn't
              have                      shapes
              life                would
           be             sad
???      ???
????             ?????
Tyler Zuniga Nov 2017
my dismal attitude is still there,
although the downcast of my emotions
hit it's peak yesterday. today i am deranged and infuriated. not by the fact that i am alone, which is my preference, but at way the irking wind blew against my sleeve on my way to class this morning.

i despise the contented souls who have never fantasized about death and it's properties.
lovedrunkandsad Sep 2015
Do you remember the time
I came to your show
and watched you play
for the first time?

You moved so rhythmically
and you seemed so happy.
I couldn't stop smiling
at the way your fingers
strummed the guitar
so smoothly,
or the way you jumped
up and down
when the chorus started.

Do you remember the time
you came to that party
and we got wasted on that
that tasted horrible?

It was beautiful
how you didn't care
about the taste.
You drank so much that it
dripped down your chin
and onto your shirt.
You took it off and
left it on our bench,
and i slept with it the
entire night.

Do you remember the time
my mom saw us walking together?

She pulled over
and asked us if we needed
a ride.
It was so beautiful how you
danced along with us to that
****** music
that I know you hate
so much.
I loved that day more than
That was the day that I realized
I loved you.

Do you remember the night
you told me about her?

You said that she came to
your house.
You told me that you got
high with her,
and about how you were scared
when your neighbor came over
and threatened you.
I hated the way
you laughed.
I know you only
laugh when you are
genuinely happy.
Does she make you
Is she what you
Do you love her like I love

— The End —