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YourNightLight Jan 2015
A soul just like the rest of us.
   trapped in a world so bland,
                                                        so tasteless.

May colors paint our world with neon.
                May we all find that hidden key.
The minds we once had as children ran so wild and loud!
         As if life as we knew it then would be the same forever.
But... we were wrong weren't we?
         My dreams aren't even a place of the impossible anymore, they're empty, leaving my body with enough rest to begin the next day just the same as the last.

This was a Joe Cole challenge.
Juneau I have chosen you to make a poem about because your bio. I feel is very easy to relate to and holds some emotions within itself. Oh and I think your name makes a great title (I don't know what it means but it sounds cool.)
Twinkle Sep 2014
Joe Cole's Challenge I wanted to take
Pen my thoughts on paper to share
The first of its kind for me
To share my life story in a poetry

My life's story I am and going to tell
To share a piece of my heart just as well

So I sit down thinking, what I could share?
The memories come back my soul to bare

It's been a long time since I connected
Reached behind those walls
which have my heart protected
I bury deep and I can see
I've made peace with my
past so I can feel (nothing)

Those long moments buried in memories
Where a little girl embarked on her life journey.

A difficult child she was proclaimed
Oft would break her parents to tame
Rebellious and free she wanted to break free
Find out the reasons to all her queries

Answers were not that forthcoming
Sheltered a life she lived, was her feeling
But evil had other plans,
for as soon as she set foot on alien shores
All the monsters came tumbling out of closed doors.

Life wreaked in havoc
Betrayed by friends
Poor judgement and bad decisions
Made her profane
The vicious vortex kept her in spin
Salvation looked like a distant dream

Anger at the world made her lash out
Though she was successful, inside she was a doubt
If I keep my exterior a fake
I can survive longer than it takes.
She kept her life a make believe
She had no friends her heart to relieve.

She looked for love in wrong places
Broke her heart on few of the *****
Yet not a single of those lads
Took courage to love her a tad
Her heart felt the ache and longing
Wanted to understand why it was failing

Till one fine day, down in the dumps
she called out in despair
Begged on heaven gates for her soul to repair
Save her from the vortex that would drown
Stop the angry world on her to frown

Christ's redeeming light came to her aid
Broke the ******* and her sins forever bade
That day she turned to her Christ her light
Only He could be her heart's delight.
All wrong relationships fickle in her sight
She bid darkness forever goodnight

Now her life is just a day to day story
Through her love and pain give Christ glory
The demons and monsters keep surfacing from time to time
But for her Christ's light will always shine.

Give hope to those in despair and pain
Heaven's dearest treasures to gain
Share Christ's love and unyielding hope
Be grateful for all she has and more.

Treasure every relationship in Christ profound
He alone blesses, His graces abound
Though I make mistakes I'll try not to loose sight
Know what is wrong and from evil take flight

While on this earth I'll tarry so long
Yearning to sing my heavenly song.
When my time is up I'll fly to HIM
Free at last His perpetual praises to sing!
The story of my life, being saved by Jesus through Faith.  I am a Catholic, but never understood this till I made Jesus my personal Lord and Saviour.

This is the 1st time I thought of taking Joe Cole's challenge.  For me it is not a challenge but an opportunity to witness to Christ's redemptive love and saving grace.  Please give me your feedback on how I fared.

— The End —