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Indigo B Jul 2018
A torrent of blood pooling over, rushing around mounds of bone.
Power in all the love carried by cells into the ocean of anatomy. Like the water, we take the shape of all. Free-flowing, surrendering to nothing. From the unconditional, the wonder and understanding, I will cross these streams and let the currents wash me away into love, love and more love.
Indigo B Apr 2018
Sometimes I wonder if this will be the cause of my demise. I cannot fathom such an incessant desire to see the good in all things; grant nations the benefit of doubt. I am blind to all but intent, intrinsic nature, and heart. I create euphemisms out of people.
-Indigo B
  Dec 2017 Indigo B
Ask for the ocean
I'll give you the desert.

Ask for the sun,
I'll give you the moon.

Ask for a rose,
I'll give you some ivy.

Ask for a fork,
I'll give you a spoon.

In this backwards nature,
I'd say one thing is true.

Ask for my love,
and I'll give it to you.
  Dec 2017 Indigo B
The mouth is a killer, the sinner,
the kinder,
part of you.
It's December now but my heart is still in July.
  Nov 2017 Indigo B
Teenage Love is Stupid
And that’s coming from me. 

A 16 year old, hopeless romantic 

And I know a lot of you wont agree 
unless you’re at least 23 

But hear me out, pretty please?

See we go through life begging

to find the one that makes our life worth living 

and then we think we find them.

We promise that we’ll be there

and we could never find another. 

“I love you”
we always say, to our teenaged lover 

And then one day its just not true anymore. 

You pack your bags and out the door. 
There goes number 1. 

See as teenagers we fall in love for fun 

we dont know this at first
but trust me its true 

We fantasize about about
finding that one 
that we can accurately compare to the sun 

and then ****
with the sound of a gun 

all of our feelings, 
away from us.

Please dont misunderstand what I’m trying to say

I do not believe teenagers dont know what love is, 

I simply do not believe we truly kno what it feels like.

In which case we spend all of this time devoting our hearts
and minds 

to this person
that we swear we’re so lucky to find

after a couple months everything just
and feelings are nowhere to be found 

Hearts are broken
and we dive back into the crowd 

to find our next
“one true love”
Indigo B Oct 2017
And there are mornings like this where I can’t get out from under my faulty beliefs and tragic reality. I know but refuse to believe and so I hold this bile in my chest. I feel disrespected by myself and everyone else.
- Indigo B
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