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Homunculus Aug 2020
After all, it has come to this as our
Laughter falls dumb and a mute glum persists while
A once gorgeous flower now reeks of rank **** in

An **** of power that seeks to dismiss that
A siren song hides a great serpent's grim hiss in
A dire long ride to a fervent abyss, but

A glorious hour now seems to persist as
A warrior throng's rising insurgent bliss
Is igniting wrong's righting, with glee

In a fight long and tiring they refuse to desist
In the night they stay strong as abuse gives its kiss
But they KNOW what is right and must make it EXIST
and when new order comes:

Daniel Anderson Jun 2020
Announcing all lives matter is audacious & abusive & antagonistic & antiprogressive - yet amazingly it’s always anticipated. But when signs & songs & screams & shouts of our sisters with skin of a separate shade are shot down & softened & silenced, and when the bodies of our brothers brandishing blackness with bravado are broken & beaten & burned & buried by people with perceived power prescribing punishment by punching & pushing & pulling triggers-

One thing remains perfectly clear
Declaring “all lives matter” is rooted in fear
If all lives mattered, then we wouldn’t be here
and “all lives matter” wouldn’t be said with a sneer

Black lives don’t matter

Mattering means more than media manipulating messages mainly for monetary magnitude or validating various vocations as veracious while these villains vie for votes vainly vanquishing value from humans whose hearts are heavy with hurt and having to beg to be heard. Mattering means more than making memes and multimedia messages post mortem when morally bankrupt men ****** men and their mates for their midnight complexion

So don’t tell me black lives matter
Black lives don’t matter
Black lives should matter
Black lives must matter
Natasha Bailey May 2019
authority, a position unknown to minority...

Military will only help temporarily,

Until the repetition

Becomes addiction

To violence.

Then like a sheep to its Sheppard,

Follows the police.

Diminishing the quality,

Of equality.

As chaos doesn’t subside.

Authority turns ruthless,

dressed in weapons everywhere they ride.

Contradicting by disrupting ‘world peace’.

Desperately in need of headgear and a mouthpiece,

Praying to reach a pleasant release,

Before hitting solitary, on the edge of madness,

With fear of fatality,

That could have you permanently resting in the cemetery.

How is deprivation of freedom correcting one’s behaviours?

Is gaining the ability to fend for your nation now classed as an act of superiority?

— The End —