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lo Jan 2016
forgive me for the sound of your name rushing through my veins instead of blood it seems my minds only purpose is making sure i dont forget and im sorry if the constant ding of my below average words on your phone causes migraines, i am known for attaching myself to the nearest being with a beating heart and i have long since forgotten how to let go. i was always taught that being too dependent will get me nowhere in life but i still find my hands reaching for yours in the dark and i am sorry if you are repulsed by the thought of my inferior self lying next to yours but those thoughts occupy my head more often than not and i know that at the end of the day i will only have myself but pleasing you before pleasing me has become daily routine and when you said you felt pain, i apologized and even though i had not caused the ache i still felt it necessary to clean your wounds and stitch up your being. from thousands of miles i felt you sitting beside me and when i looked up you smiled and goodbye seemed so far away from us. please dont say goodbye. ive always been a fan of space and in your smile I see something more beautiful than the stars and space is terrifying but id gladly venture into the unknown just to see you smile, i know you have always liked adventures. sometimes i wonder what would happen during farewell but you’ve slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart and my stomach rejects the thought. goodbye is a word that falls from my lips too often and my god when you say it my eyes cannot help but miss your presence and my ears hear your voice like the sweetest melody and i know i have nothing to fear for youve never been one for goodbyes. save goodbye for the end, because god i hope thats far away.
cyanide skies Dec 2015
someday you'll wake up
from a nightmare unprecedented.
you'll sit up straight,
gasp and stare in the darkness
like it's going to swallow you whole.
but then I'll mumble
half asleep beside you
and I'll reach out for you
and say, "lay down baby,
I'm here and you're okay."
and you'll smile, fears gone
I'll turn over, place my arms
around your body
that had previously been quaking.
I'll hold you and kiss your neck
my warmth right beside you
and we'll fall asleep again.

someday I'll wake up
to the smell of brewing coffee
and I'll get out of bed
head down to the kitchen
to find you at the table
a mug of tea ready for me
and you with your coffee.
I'll go over to the counter,
spoon honey into my tea
while you hug me from behind
and pull me into bed again.

someday we'll wake up
and lay in bed all day
I'll ruffle your hair
you'll slide your hands up my nightshirt
and we'll stay intertwined
while rain falls in sheets
while we're under sheets
and the rest of the world
deals with the world's problems
and whenever I try
to get anything done
you'll pull me close
and I'll kiss you again.

someday they'll wake up
with your hair and my eyes
my nose and your smile
and their little feet
will stomp down to the kitchen
you with your coffee
me with my tea
us with our pancakes
and our own little family.

— The End —