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Pauper of Prose Aug 2018
The pasture lays abandoned
The barn is bare
The fields grown overripe
Fences lay fallen
Roads returning to dirt
Not a single tool lifted
Nor a single human whimper
Nay a cry from any creature
Had been heard for many eons
And one may wonder
Of the perished and of paradise
For Earth lay singing
While all else is silent
And some long for music
And some long for quiet
And all long for something
And some long without knowing
And some long for things long gone
And some long just to go along with others longing
And some are just so winded from being long winded in longing
So longings lengthen,
Filling us to the brim with hollow wants
And this perfect paradox becomes
Negative Creep Jan 2017
My eyes look down
as we walk
glued to the ground
while you talk
Lolu Dec 2015
and asked why
it shines on a *******
sinner like me.
So he replied,
he shines on all,
the good, the bad,
and the **** of the earth.
Also the guy that lies around
and wastes
away in an endless sea
of *****.
He says he shines on all.

Then I thought I guess his just
another hippie,
with his embrace everybody
But who am I to decide
what he should do?
Who am I?

— The End —