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Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
Do not say, what you feel
I'm not here
To listen
Do not remember me
I'm not the one
Who cares
Do not dream of me
I'm not the one
You deserve
I can't be there, where
You want me to be

Then he/she felt
Nothing left
No dreams
No wishes
No voices
Nothing at all

Stayed silent with
A fragile heart
A heavy head
A dead soul
Since then
Genre: Dark
Theme: Tough Time
Beeha Oct 2015
they say the dead receive more flowers,
compare to the ones that live,
because regret have more powers,
than gratitude that will ever give.

the life that bestowed upon me,
that God gave i took for granted,
partially it return to He,
too late for my prayer disenchanted.

— The End —