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Ces Mar 2021
The desire for belonging,
The need to run away from isolation
The origins of insensitivity

This is the mentality of the bully

What is normal is confused with
Desirability, goodness
Herein is the soul
Of the tyrant.
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2020
By Purcy Flaherty a.k.a. pig man & The Rubber band
(Intro single strums)

(C) Put the bog-rolls
(G7) down Mrs Brown;
(G7) for it's time to sing
(C) along.

(Verse strumming)
(C) Sing a song of freedom,
(D7) Sing a song of love,
(G7) people sing together,
(C) to fill the air above.
(C) Sing it from the rooftops,
(D7) sing it from the street,
(G7) sing it to your neighbour,
(C) and every one you meet.
(C) Together we are human,
(D7) together we are free,
(G7) together we are able,
(C) to set our spirits free.

(Repeat verse over and over)
Caronavirus unifying human commonality.
Cedric Sep 2017
Everyday happenings,
Saddened mishaps,
Emotional misgivings,
Intellectual fallacies,
Sensory malfunction,
These we all have in common.
Mistakes were made,
Because we're all cliché.
I'm getting stale and my stagnancy is eating away at me, rotting my core.
Dustin Dean Jul 2016
We dance this process
Until we are due to die
As serpents tie the one severed tie
That binds our only individuality
Into a legion of mortality
We're nothing
But everything
And it appears that's what's needed
A biting dose of reality seeded
We all have perceptions
But no acceptance to call our own
Of our reason of no reason
And you are not the chosen one
Kneel and realize who you are

— The End —