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Kenshō Nov 2019
Beyond trailing triggers
a faint sad sound delivers
bringing my mind back to town
and memory up river.

Satchel and cane,
I am so alone;
yet, I was given a bane
to climb pines attain.

Opposite of the Lord's campaign
the Cold Pine cranes.
I saw the path to town;
Yet, I felt something arcane.

Squeezing my bag's belt,
guided left and right,
  I followed the paths I felt
while the sound of distance melts.

The city of trees
greeted me with a breeze.
The solitude flew over me
bringing me to my knees.

I cast a secret promise,
among'st the forest, flawless,
that when I die
my body will become one with the lonely forest.
Jack May 2016
The war is over
When did it end?
Or start actually
Strange I thought it would go on forever
I guess that's how they always feel
Though I don't think I wanted it to
I guess I never realized it was one to begin with
Probably because it was with myself and not someone else
Those are the invisible ones.
You had one too
But it wasn't with me
Two wars uniting under one
I can't say I'll miss the war
No one ever does
But I'll miss the farm.
How I will miss the farm
So many nights and memories
And Inmans
(Though I can't  say I'll miss those)
But I'll miss you
But what's strange is you're not dead
Or missing in action
Or any of the usual war endings
you're just not there
And neither is the farm
And neither am I
We can't be you see
Because the war ended.
I think you've noticed too
I guess what surprises me the most is I think that's okay
Wars have to end and history has to move on
But there's a reason we remember wars
They stand for things we decide we would rather die for than go without
This one stood for love.
You will always be my Ada.
I will always be your Ruby.
And I'll remember this war
for the next 150 years.
I love ya, darlin. Looks like the sky finally fell on our heads.
Probably so we could see our new ones.

— The End —