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Samantha Hudson Nov 2015
I see my mirror posted on my wall.
I stop and stare at what I see.
I can't fix the mess in front of me.
Eyes swallowed by darkness and a smile that hides my misery.
I try to fathom how this all came to be..

What happened to me?

A life stolen by illness and disability.
Invisible ones that most of the time, you can't see.
I try to hide behind a strong facade.
Deep down inside, I quit.
I'm tired of playing games.

So I hide my thoughts and push them away.
I stand up tall, and push through the day.
But, When no one's looking, to my knees, I pray..

For. Just. One. Day.
A work in progress.

Just random thoughts I haven't ordered.
Georgia Harkess Jul 2015
It lies there dormant at times
Waiting for a chance to escape
Patiently plotting what next to do
Knowing soon that I will break

Slowly it emerges from sleep
Flowing freely through my veins
Settling in to rest within me
It is whom I blame

It mocks me with every twist and turn
A Symbiotic relationship I wish not to have
Invading every fiber of my being
Making this once proud rebel a slave

No longer am I able to be
That strong person I was
In place now just a fragile shell
Who does nothing but withdraw

Maybe soon there will be a cure
For this evil that is within
Before my body is faded and dead
And I can regain my life again…

— The End —