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carves on the tree
remind me of being free
gift wrapped exclamation
hailing the evaluations
implies that interwine the ax
to the whole tradition
R Aug 2018
The curves of her body were something
That caught his eyes
Not her words or smile
The look he gave her showed desire
To make her his even if it was just for a night
Her satin yellow dress was too appealing
Hugging her body exactly right
He went up to her to greet her
Ask her to speak to him and give her his number and drop some cheesy lines
but that broken bird had a shield around her
After all she just again had learnt how to fly
And once had been broken enough to let anyone else ever call her mine
No Aug 2014
I'm craving your initials in trees and writing your name on notebooks.
My heart thumps and thumps and thumps and sometimes I think it's only because of you- you're so out of my league and I'm so ******* sad all the time because my heart is beating for you but I bet I don't even cross your mind.
I hate being the one who loves more, or the one who loves at all. I'm tired of giving my everything away to people who don't even care- but you, God, I can't keep myself from giving it all to you. I can help but hope one day you'll want me and it's killing me, but I'm not walking away; I rather die close to you than far.
Either way I'd die, might as well die next to you

— The End —