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No Jan 2015
Part of me thinks I'm an idiot waiting for the same old story to have different ending. It's always me crying in the bathroom while you prove to me again, that old habits indeed die hard.

Part of me thinks that I'd be an idiot to let you go. To let go of the speeding heart, the loving glances, the soft touches and your midnight eyes.

I'm an idiot. Always a complete and utter idiot. Over-thinking. Over-thinking everything that happens, never letting go but always wanting to.

You texted me again tonight and now I'm sad
No Nov 2014
You tried to kiss me and I pushed you away- you never really cared for the girls your lips touched, and I just couldn't bare to be forgotten.
Your splinted knuckles and your stupid smile got this anger harbored in my gut, and I've been puking butterflies for a while now and their wings have slashed up my insides, and it ******* hurts. It ******* hurts. It ******* hurts because I do care
stupid dude and stupid parties
  Nov 2014 No
Katrina Wendt
Stop showing
You love me
A little at a time.

Stop saying
You care
Bit by bit.

Stop keeping
Me here
For tiny pieces of time.

Because I need
All of you
Not piece by piece.

I love
All of you
Not just some parts of you.

So love all of me
All the way
All the time.

Or let all of me go
All at once
For good.
No Oct 2014
His words were lies through teeth, and I should've known. Oh, I should've lnown.

Uncanny eyes, and stupid flattery, and how he made me feel so unique.

It's all so dumb, isn't it? I let him in despite my better judement, and started writing about his habit of never finishing cigarettes.

How he took whiskey in chipped glasses, and the bitter alcohol tasted like his own blood. And how things were always a demsotration of power, control, carelessness- rough hands and champagne smiles, and splinted knuckles, and mignight kisses.

And I guess now I know how much a person can realy ******* over.
Sorta wanna hate ya//sorta wanna kiss ya
No Aug 2014
You're skin and skin and skin-soft silky pale skin- and green eyes and red cheeks and sometimes I think I'm not enough for you because your hair is pink and my mom won't even let me have an ear piercing and you play in a band and I get yelled at for listening to music to loud. I just ******* hate that we are more alike than you think but you'll never know I could be the one for you because I'm too ******* afraid to go against the rules.
No Aug 2014
You poisoned my sunsets, now I can't watch the horrizon anymore. I guess it was my fault because I wanted to do everything with you and now I can't do a thing without swallowing pieces of broken promises and memories of you.
No Aug 2014
I dont know what to do
I dont know what to say
So I'll just stop until I can
Haiku-ing why not
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