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Lxvi Jun 2020
I've come to terms
With the worms
Inhabit my skull

I feel blessed
By your test
Though now I'm dull

I love your lips
And your hips
But I cant stand your soul

Will you ignore
Will I score
Or will you move the goal
Winter spring summer fall
I hate anything at all
Spring summer fall winter
Clues, unsubtle hint-her
Summer fall winter spring
Would you wear my ring?
Fall winter spring summer
Sorry I am such a ******.
George Cheese Feb 2017
The dead canaries
are still screeching
as the wolves claw at the door.

They told me that dead
birds mean new
beginnings but all I see
are shattered

I looked the corpse
in the eye and
I swore that
I could see the shape
of tomorrow in smoke
and razor teeth
reflected in glassy beads.

I paid the hag
in gold coin,
and then the witch
took the rotted
thing away,
still shouting.

The dead canaries
are forever screaming
as the wolves break down the door.

— The End —