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Sky Yang Apr 2018
girl, don't pretend.
all dressed up in your
going Holly in Las Vegas
doing Molly by the Grand

girl, don't pretend.
one day you wake up at Kevin's
the next you wake up at Devin's
you do your make-up for Heaven.

yeah he loves Loosey
'course he do
he loves her
but how about you?

girl, ditch the Gucci
and the *****
and the boujee
folie a you

and don't pretend
to do
the things
that you don't do
lest, I leave you
ya hurd
sadgirl Feb 2018
o, darling
daylight has never been your most flattering

and how could it be?
you never sleep,
because life is but a dream

like that old
children's song

dear god of boujee
women, the ones with
bloodstained louboutins

let me autotune myself to sound inhuman,
say my prayers to

in the dying light
of the atl

my only hymn i have to
offer is that of

and instead of bread and wine
i have lean and

o, darling
our eyes will never

and new money, who dis?
will forever be the closest thing
we have to a mantra
Gang gang.

— The End —