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Graff1980 Nov 2020
I got no patience
for these agents
of deliberate corporate contagions,
or the minefield that yields
the bootstrap philosophy
that never actually worked
in this society.
everyone says
strong bootstraps
beget rewards
while leagues
of craftsmen

everyone follows
another trend
overboard while
Davy Joneses
hold their

everyone feels
their sin
beside beggars
with hands
made of

everyone thinks
job creators’
heroic strength
will someday
trickle down


everyone knows
when something
is heavy
you lift
from the
modified cinquain using word limits

for peace in solidarity
Trip trap hey bootstrap!
What would you like on the page of my novel?
Wanna have some coffee?

Trip trap hey bootstrap!
Are you cutting with your girlfriend?

Trip trap hey bootstrap!
Listen to my new track
Mixed with hip_hop and rap

Trip trap hey bootstrap!
No need to use that awful crack!

— The End —