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Hakiim Jan 2018
I'm afraid to love what would never return blessed favor
for my heart is brittle and bare
stripped to rickety existence
Hakiim Jan 2018
comprehensive labyrinth of error
fragile to in-extensive touch
Hakiim Sep 2017
I need time to detangle this web of tears,
trapped in turmoil,
entrapped in confusion,
I am a maze runner in solitude,
watching flowers bloom on the other side of the fence,
I see nothing,
but the gravel that binds me within soil,
reaching through cracks I strive,
to see skies of blue
Hakiim Sep 2017
There's an empty passion within me,
So many hopes and dreams,
yet no direction.

I feel bound,
by chains and locks and walls
so indescribable it is

My passion is clear,
like an untouched lake,
but I see no path,
I'm a runner on the road,
an endless road of wonder,

all leading to my home,
as I run I nearly reach my destination,
and then I run back,
not from fear,
but doubt.

This doubt is my *******,
I long for escape,
but it has its grip,
It is crushing me in a straightjacket of hopelessness,
and I so long for a breath of fresh air,

a glimpse,
a sign,
that one of these infinite roads leads to something,
a glimpse of my destination,
a savior,
Hakiim Sep 2017
the universe works in and endless labyrinth of ways,
what brings truth,
what brings falsehoods,
a maze of opportunity,
but of none,
it feels like water,
seeping through plastic it holds it's grip,
on who I could be but it doesn't,
direction is only an illusion,
while I stare into the eyes in my mirror I feel nothing,
but lost...
Hakiim Aug 2017
Have you seen him?
The boy
tears running down his face like a shower head
Have you seen him?
the boy
rocking back and forwards like a metronome
Have you seen him?
wringing his neck
dangling from the tree in his closet
Have you seen it?
that tree
the tree that has hung infinite bodies
soiled in rules and norms
seeds of hate and malice
planted by those who hate us
Have you seen it?
the blood of our sisters and brothers
our black brothers and sisters
our native brothers and sisters
our latinx
our brown
our gay
our lesbian
our bi
our trans brothers and sisters
Don't you see it?
We exist on this same tree
The words "Have you seen" are meant to have a deeper meaning. Have you seen through their eyes? Have you seen their lives and their struggles? Have you seen who they think oppress them and why?
Have you lived their lives? We don't know the struggles of other people who are not us and oppressed for different reasons so we don't have the place to tell them they're wrong, invalid, or less than. We need to listen to each other and realize that we are all oppressed and if we can't come together and listen to each other and fight together, we will continue to struggle. Unity creates change
Hakiim Aug 2017
Why don't you love me?
For so long I've been a closed shell,
I decided to let you in and you were my glass of ocean,
you slipped down my throat and randomly contaminated me,
poisoned my liver,
fractured my lungs.

Why don't you love me?
Just me,
I make myself so **** easy to love,
to see,
see I know you have love for me,
You say you love me.
But, I'm not the only one,
I'm not the first,
the second,
the third time this has happened,
and a fourth it won't.
So You must answer me,

Why don't you love me?
When I love you
Am I not worthy of it?
Am I not ready?
let me know,
because I'm on the edge,
of jumping off,
of letting go.

Why don't you love me
Hakiim Jun 2017
what is happening?
we saw fireworks under vast oceans,
we found mirrors in quarrel caves,
what is this?
i stare into seas and see only sand,
i listen in crowded rooms and hear silence,
how do i navigate your labyrinth?
i'm sick of sending messages through steel rooms,
with no glass windows
Hakiim Mar 2017
painter boy,
your skin as brown as oak,
stretched over a body of pure godliness,
I am speechless,
I admire the beauty in every move you make,
every blink,
every turn,
every fidget fascinates me,
you speak and a stillness strikes my heart,
your words full of honey and raindrops,
bringing a wave of calmness over me,
you make me feel at home,
you're so full of life,
yet so mysterious,
you call me beautiful and a rain falls from my soul,
it is as if i have released a weight of infinite tons,
you make me smile as i look at you,
i don't know much but i know everything,
we stare at eachother and i see and feel the passion within our gaze,
i've gotten lost in your eyes and now I've made this beautiful brown galaxy my home
Hakiim Dec 2016
You're just like my smiles,
abandoning me when I need them the most.
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