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faith autumn Sep 2018
I drove down the back road last night
For the first time since you've been away.
It was dark
Just how was the last time we drove down it,
But this time,
You weren't there with me.
I can't wait for the nights
When I can drive down it again
With your fingers interlaced in mine.
I can't wait for the nights
I have to fight speeding home
Because it took too long to say goodbye.
Blank faces, hopeless dreams
Scattered down the boulevard
Thank the barren local streets
That shatter thoughts of working hard

Lonely moms, dying friends,
Barefoot children in the dark
Play behind a chain-link fence
Instead of in the park

Fast food & news stations
Feed on troubled minds
Claiming that the stipulations
Are changing with the times

These days you can’t wake up
Without that cup of Joe
Problems all those drugs shake up
Most people never know

— The End —