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pearson Apr 2015
There's a war raging around me
It's strong and big and tough
And I can't hold it back anymore
I'm really not that tough

I have to scream, to let it out
Until they all come and stare
And all I see is red and
I can't scream enough anymore, you don't have to care

Stay away from the shouts
And silent battle cries
It doesn't matter who they are
But I need to find myself inside

I might be that warrior
Or maybe that crying soul floating through the air
I'm really trying to figure me out
It's really hard to know cause I just got trampled by a mare

Clinging to the wall, I slide on through
A sword fight here, a fallen one there
It's really hard to not throw up
But I must keep on, for everyone must dare

To try and be in war is just so unfair
I can't find myself, my journey that's ahead
Everything is rushing by so, "Wait!"
I really wish I would've stayed in bed

But now I'm free
Nothing can get in my way
I'm free!
I can walk up all these paths and say,

I want to hear the crowd go wild
I want to hear them scream
Like the poor soul I once was
But now I've gotten better and I don't dream

— The End —