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pearson Apr 2015
A strip of wire
Sits on a wooden peg
Behind the fence
Some cows, they sit and graze

Across the world
A child sits with her journal
She thoughtfully writes
While the hours dwindle

Construction workers walk
On a metal scaffold beam
They build a giant bridge
That travels 'cross a tiny stream

Million miles away
A boy runs through the crowd
His mom comes home today
When he fina'ly spots her he runs right to her, "yay!"

A golden spiral
In a fairy tale book
Can spin all these tales
For me and you to look
The second stanza is me! Can you guess what the mom in the fourth stanza is coming back from? At least this is finally a happy poem! Yay, right?
pearson Apr 2015
Messy yellow wavy hair
Hazel eyes hold no despair

Tiny brown freckles stand out against tan
This is the story of that girl, this is no man

She smiles with each word she says
A spring in her step, no hat on her head

Every time she says 'Hello!'
You want to hug her tight

That girl, she has her own unique taste
Being herself is very right

Sometimes she trips and falls to the ground
A crawls back up, makes a laughing sound

And then she tries some insane stuff
Like jumping into an unknown pile of fluff

But that young girl with the crazy mind
She loves to jump and scream and fly
Another poem dedicated to my other bestie, Ali Hearts Twentyseven
pearson Apr 2015
Another thought
Comes to my head
And I wonder what if
I would be the one instead?

A lonely girl
Floats on the water
Her pale wet skin now blue
Could it get any less hotter?

A sorrowful man
Stands by the lake
He cries shamelessly
And sometimes shakes

A lonely girl
She starts to sink
Never seen again ever
And as she drops, did she just wink?
Just a quick note: I do NOT have depression, as far as I know. I'm just really good at writing about sad stuff? I don't know, but I'll try to write about happy poems, but for some reason writing about sad stuff is easier.
pearson Apr 2015

Such a wonderful thing
Yet so blissful and terrible
At the same moment

And it's hard to know
If they want to hear my thoughts
Or if they are simply pushing me down

Down down down I'm dragged,
Until I only know who cannot be trusted
And then a light

But it is not pure
Only one to deceive me
And it hurts to think
That my "friends" have all made
This life so confusing

But I found light
With a friend that's a boy
{Do you have a problem with that?}

And he's really nice
But he has a girlfriend
And soon after our seats change
He is off to practically
Ignoring me

Struggling through class without him
Is like breathing without oxygen

And when that day comes
When he finally talks to me again
I know that I will have something to gain
This is a REALLY random poem. So . . . Yeah. Really random.
pearson Apr 2015
You smile at me from across the room
I smile back but don't make a move
You bump my shoulder after class
I look back at you but I don't stare
You stop at my locker after school
I say hi but then have to go
You partner up with me for a project
I do all the work while you say to the teacher, "On it!"
You sit by me at the lunch table
I smile and pretend that things are normal

Then the very next day I try to friend you
But you go off with your girlfriend and never look back
Kind of my relationship with my crush . . . Just a little exaggerated.
pearson Apr 2015
Heaven smiles down from above
Upon a girl they call their love
She knows that if she keeps her faith
That God will follow in her wake

And now she goes to help a friend
In a dire time of need
One or two tears slide down her cheek
But recovery will be sleek

This friend she helps, this girl in need,
Will stay by her side till heaven's knee
Though total opposites as they are
Opposites attract, and that will be

Through many toils this girl struggles through,
Though maybe one day she will see it fail
And this heaven-smiled girl
Will maybe write about me
Dedicated to HGH!
pearson Apr 2015
A happy soul
Walks through the halls
Another one
Stalks along the walls

Together they make one
But separation is key
And she

Can be
The one she wants to keep
And sometimes a saddened version
Takes over from the deep

And rivers of tears
Flow down her fair pale cheeks

For now she's the happy one who stays out of the deep
But one tiny thing
May be the fall after sleep
pearson Apr 2015
Crumpled paper
Rolls under a desk
A girl leans down and grabs it
A boy smiles, her back to him

She opens up the note
A smile on her face
But when she reads the pencil marks,
She leans back and she laughs

The man in front, he frowns
And walks to up to the girl
She tucks the note away
And gives him one instead

The one that this lonely man
Reads says, "I'll follow you"
As the girl gets up and leaves
The smiling boy does, too
The note that she hands him is a different note, incase you were wondering. And the one that he reads has nothing to do with the fact that the boy gets up and follows her.
pearson Apr 2015
This girl
She walks
Down a lonely road

But sometimes she shies
Away from helpful woes
A man that she dearly loves
Has gone to heaven's gates

This girl
She walks
Far away from home

Black clouds, they follow
Wherever she goes
But sunshine peeks through
When this girl follows you

This girl
She walks
No one gets in her way

Hello, goodbye
My girl is understood
She walks a lonely path
Searching for some good
For my best friend.
pearson Apr 2015
Let the rain pour
Let the clouds gather
I don't care 'bout the weather
Cause I'm gonna shine

Let the sun shine
Let the candles glow
I don't care 'bout anything
Cause hunger can appeal

Let the snow fall
Let the wind whirl
I don't care 'bout warming up
Cause the cold is clear

Let the rain pour
Let the wind whirl
I don't care 'bout alla that
Cause we're right here
Kind of a quick poem, just a thought. I might revise it later.
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