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Alicia De Smet Jul 2016
I live in a ****** appartment, in a "****** and dangerous" neighbourhood, in the city that stole my heart.

And guess what?
I love going to that ****** place, because that place became my home.
And it doesn't matter that I don't even have place to do a pirouette, because this city gives me so much joy and I am gratefull to be living in a place like this.

I love how people randomly smile at each other and say hi, I love how easy it is to make friends, and I'm gratefull that this city accepted me the way I am, when I had a hard time accepting myself.
Yael Apr 2014
If only we lived in a  movie
In a cute little flat
That our lives and love revolved around
I think I'd like that

I'd walk through the door
And kiss your smiling face
You'd hold me tight
In a warm embrace

In the living room
There'd always be calm Beatles music playing
And to those songs
We'd be romantically swaying

In the bedroom we'd lie
Intetwined beneath white sheets so thin
Sunlight streaming through the window
Warming our bare skin

In that bed
We could make sweet, tender love
Or maybe cuddle, or just kiss
Or all of the above

In the kitchen I'd stand
Making pancakes on a sunny sunday morn
You'd stand behind me with your arms around my waist
Messy bedhead your face will adorn

You'd strum your guitar
And sing me my favourite songs
And you'd know I can't sing
So I'd just hum along

Maybe we'd have a cat
And we could name her Nyx
And we can make vows to love eachother
Upon the River Styx

This place could be a safe haven
For just me and you
No one would bother us
For it was just built for two

We could have all of this
And maybe even more,
If only you didn't see me
As just a silly little girl
I honestly almost titled this one "this could be us but you playin" but I decided against it. I think this is one I'm proudest of so far

— The End —